Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Most Awesome Dream

I was flying to Paris and at the last minute me and Sam got on this Australian airlines (which was called Quantanas in my dream which i think is close to what it actually is, but not exact) flight. We were really amped b/c it was supposed to be the nicest airline ever. And it was. It was like an enormous ship with tons of recreation activites and areas and stuff. Like it was huge and there were no seats, it was open air. It took off normally, but since there were no seats, people were kind of flying around and bumping into each other, but it was ok b/c it was luxurious. At one point we almost hit into something in a city, but then narrowly missed it. It was pretty scary, but the fancy business people who travel Air Quantanas all the time were like, 'No that's what makes this airline the safest ever b/c they have such finesse with the large aircraft.' There were stages with performers and people milling around drinking cocktails. There was this forested area where you could take a little walk through and see some neat trees. Also we were in the water at one point in a pirate themed part of the 'plane.' There were tons of whales swimming alongside us! I think we steered into Sea World by accident and then somehow the plane mimicked the motion of the whale to make it think it was a whale too (no water came inside though). Then there was as small area with some rocks just across the water from us and Brody Jenner was there!!!! So he came aboard b/c he thought Gretchen (who was with me at that point after Sam magically disappeared) and I were smoking fine. He had a friend there too. Maybe Frankie. So we were about to go back to the main area and get drinks when we run into Johnny Knoxville with whom Brody has huge beef! So there was a skirmish and Johnny tried to tell me not to go out with Brody, but I was like, ‘Look I have to find out for myself.’ Then it seemed like the plane was going to be diverted to Tel Aviv which I wasn't clear about. Sam came back, Gretchen disappeared. End!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007


If you select text in ms word and click option+apple+c, it changes from all caps to all lowercase to regular (caps for prop nouns/sentence beginners) and back again!!! AMAZING!!!!