Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FOU et Tellement Evident

Parallel parking in Hyde Park is a fucking joke. It's SO IRRITATING. People do not know how to park here! There are a million 3/4 spots. It's INFURIATING. fgjiaowefjioewajcea;wo. Today I drove around for 30 minutes. It took me 20 minutes to get down here from my house (13 miles) and thirty fucking minutes to find parking. I may try Joe's tactic of gently touching bumpers with a car and then flooring it to put them properly in ONE space instead of two.

Last night I went to see Yelle with Stephanie. The crowd was like what I imagine the Harvey Milk High School prom to be like. Lots of teenage queers dancing uninhibitedly. The show was totally fun and we left early. Yelle's English skills were lacking, but it only made the power of music all the more transcendent (who needs words when you have beats?). Also there were some nice kind of drum circle style moments which were unexpected. Her band was INSANELY HOT. Like hot as fuck. Look at that. Also they were wearing "Dance or Die" shirts (tres mignon). Too bad they're French :(

Here's the song from which Yelle got the sample for Ce Jeu.

Yesterday I also made a blueberry galette. It turned out well. Little leaky. It looks very similar to this: