Saturday, February 23, 2008

a few things

1. Celeb sighting! I will be Jeanne Claude for Halloween and I need a Christo...

2. I had a dream that Heath Ledger died because he was so distraught that his wife (Natalie Portman) was a two-timing lesbian. He was confiding in me, crying, saying how upset he was by her duplicity.

3. I just started listening to Jens Lekman about a year too late. He's so good! Here's my favorite song so far.
Pocketful of Money

4. I saw Matt Pinfield at Katz's Deli on Wednesday night. He had brought in his own 1 liter bottle of ginger ale. He kept looking around to make sure no one noticed. Then he hoovered a sandwich and gave the remains of his ginger ale to Zach and Peter.

5. I just learned that he plural of court-martial is courts-martial.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

5 Day Weekend


I had my 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Waffle Party. I bought a bottle of $11.99 maple syrup. Thanks Union Market!!!!!11 Paul made some awesome potato-cheese things with home-made pesto. We went crazy adding fruit and things to the waffles. Fun time! Thanks for coming, the three of you who did.

After a quick haircut, I headed to LaGuardia. It remains the most depressing disgusting airport in the world, but also the most conveniently located, so what can you do? I forgot that flying Thursday night means tons of Yids. The plane was like 50% Yid. Particularly annoying: adolescent Yids. They are such entitled pricks. Like leaning back in their seats, asking for extra drinks, yelling down the length of the plane at their friends. It's so ridiculous since they effectively exclude themselves from society (financially, socially, geographically even) and then act like they own the place. Like, get a grip. You don't want to participate in secular society, you don't get an extra ginger ale. FFFFFFF off. One of the flight attendants looked like a cross between Tilda Swinton and Judy Greer. She was tall with long red locks and looked so upset to be there. I loved her a little.

Mommy picked me up from the airport which was so nice since it was many hours after her bedtime. The first thing she mentioned was Chicago's XTREME pothole problem. It was ridiculous! There were tons of enormous potholes around the city! For shame, Richard.

Mom and I went shopping and ate lunch at this new restaurant in the mall. We shared soup and a blt. The blt was stellar. Soup was gross. Then Mom bought me some new bras and underwear and also an APC skirt (on major sale). THANKS MOM UR SO NICE!!! We were going to go see Casablanca at the Music Box, but then I said, 'What if we don't see Casablanca at the Music Box?' And Mom said, 'Yeah I don't care!' So that was fun to change plans at the last minute. Made me feel powerful. Then we shopped more.

Dad made steak and baked potatoes for dinner. Very yummy.

Then I headed down to Hyde Park to Alie's house. Joe decided to go out with his friends who club (douche), so Alie and I had some girl time snuggling up on the couch. Then we went to see Step Up 2: The Streets. I realized when we were in the parking lot that I had been driving without my wallet (which I inadvertently left in my carry-on) the entire time!! So Alie paid for everything and I drove very cautiously (even more so than normal) after that. Step Up 2: The Streets was good. The protagonist was very cute and I fell in love with her sidekick, Moose. He was the best dancer by far. Goddamn. Also the finale was like an urban dance explosion in the rain with popping and locking and body rolls jfieoameoa so good.

Also it has that AWESOME Flo Rida song.


Happy birthday Lindsay and Ken!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Sorry I missed your party Linds. I told Maher to get you some pinot, so I felt like I was there in a removed tannic kinda way. Mom Dad and I went to see Imamura's The Eel. It was good. My favorite part was when the main character (**SPOILER!!1**) set the eel free and said, "No one knows who your father is, but you're still a fantastic eel." It was a tender moment.

We dropped dad off at home, then the ladies went to Trader Joe's which is always a treat because the one in NY is a cluster fuck. We got a bunch of frozen appetizers and a tub of Dunkers.

After dinner (comprised almost entirely of TJ items), Joe and Alie picked me up and we headed to Happy Village. We had some cocktails. I queried Joe about a number of medical topics including heart murmurs and the effects of smoking on heart murmurs. He said he was the only one in his class who was able to hear a heart murmur which led me to believe that he knew what he was talking about. He doesn't.

They were auctioning off the neon signs at Happy Village which made me wonder if they're going out of business. I hope not!!

Later we met up with Mazen and his sfoxy friends at Rainbo. Then we went to McDonalds where I ripped my coat craning to see the late-night menu.


I haz hang0v3r! I finally roused myself to do laundry and my taxes. Turbo Tax is really as good as everyone says. Dad said I would be "surprised and delighted" by how easy it was to use. I was surprised and delighted.

After taking care of adult responsibilities with the help of my parents, I went shopping with mommy more! THANKS FOR BUYING ME THOSE OTHER THINGS!!!

Then we went to mom's office to take picture of her wares for eBay. My mom's boss has gotten her ensconced in this crazy old person scheme. He works in real estate and because of the crisis, he's not buying or selling presently. So to make money in the meantime, he has my mom go onto and buy lots of various items (including pen drives and broken iPods). She then sells the stuff on eBay and Craigslist. She has like 7 pieces of home exercise equipment in her office (she sold two already).

She has all the iPods labeled with stickies detailing their specific ailment(s).

Anyway, I took lots of pictures of these things. It was weird. Like, that cannot be cost effective if you're paying someone a lot to sell these kind of cheap items. Whatever, desperate times I guess. Mom's an eBay master now, so that's a plus?

After dinner at home, I went down to Alie and Joe's to hang out. We had a list of things to do including listening to my heart murmur and talking about heart murmurs. Also playing Rock Band. Joe gave me an almost full physical (he didn't want to touch my boobs in front of Alison (gentleman)). I'm normal and healthy!! Great great news. Thanks Joe!

We watched some of Reality Bites and I headed home.


Mom drove me to the airport (so nice!!). My flight kept getting delayed for mostly undisclosed reasons. One of the things I know slowed us down, but was worth it, was the de-icing of the wings. It was so awesome. This guy was up on a forklifty thing, first spraying a misty cloudy substance (pictured) and then just hosing the wings down with a very viscus green goo. It was way thicker than car antifreeze. Then it kind of sinisterly dripped off the wings as we waited on the funway for 30 minutes.

I got home to a balmy 60 degree day and an anti-semetic cab driver. I spent the rest of the day with Sam walking around Brooklyn listing reasons we're better than everyone (aka the usual).