Sunday, April 29, 2007

Der Frühlingsangang

Nice weather kind of changes everything. Not in any profound way, but it just makes things seem ok for a minute -- literally 1 minute. But even after that minute passes, it's still better because you can go for walks whenever you want. I love taking long walks! It's so relaxing and you can see so many people and also get exercise. It's been baby dog heaven in Park Slope the past two weekends. Lots of lovers too, languidly lounging in the Park. Like this:

This weekend Erin was in town. We took a leisurely jaunt to Red Hook to go to Alma. Unfortunately the roof was being used for some private party so we had to sit inside. It wasn't such a big deal because Alma has huge windows and the food tastes as good wherever you eat it. I had the Pollo Asada Torta which is served on the best bread ever -- perfectly crispy outside and soft inside. After brunch we walked back to the park and milled around. It was just great!

For dinner we went to Moto. If you haven't been to Moto you should go go go go go go right now. It's like a sepia-toned Prohibition era speakeasy that serves the most delicious old-timey amazing dishes like date cake and whole artichokes. So good.

It was Jamaal's birthday on Wednesday. We went to Bond St. Here are some visual highlights.
How much fun AAAHH?!!?!!!11

Matt's in a bad mood.

Birthday Cutie!

The end of the weekend, as usual: uploadin' pixx / watching tv.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Free Associate About It

Chip Set What?!

Chipwich What?!

Witchcraft What?1

Kraftwerk What?!

Works Progress Administration What!?!?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stupid Idiom

Hey guess what's a stupid idiom: as per usual. You can just say 'as usual.' 'As per usual' is totally gay and people only say it because they think it makes them sound smarter. It doesn't.

Something that's not faggy is Empire Roller Rink.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Let's Download About This

I know I've written about this before, but old people and computers are hilarious. Their unawareness of technology is best displayed in their ineptitude to use appropriate terminology in everyday life. People our age use computer lingo with such ease that we often don't even realize we're doing it. I say 'omg' all the time in conversations even though it doesn't save that much verbal energy. It's just part of the vernacular for lots of people who grew up contemporaneously with computers. The other day Sam's boss said, 'Oh Sam, I'm really sorry we didn't get to download about your first week here.' I can kind of see the logic here. According to my widget, downloading is defined as 'copying data from one computer system to another or to a disk.' Sam's boss wanted to take the data in his head system about his first week of work and put it into her head system. I like that she thinks of computers as so prevalent in our culture that the terminology can now apply to humans and machines alike. 'All right guys, I'm gonna log out of this party. L8r!' 'Oh man, I just feel like my life is dithering. I need a new job.' She's kind of right though. We're going to be cyborgs pretty soon. Which is neat.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Public Ridicule, Sunday Drive, Pesach Treats, Best Movie(s) Ever

Last week I participated in Tube Time as part of the New York Underground Film Festival. 15 competitors submitted their most obscure, outrageous YouTube links. They were screened head-to-head and the audience decided which one was better. The winner advanced and so on until there was one player left standing. This was my first time competing so I didn't know what I was in for. I'm sad to say I was literally the first person eliminated. People boo-ed my first clip before it even started playing (presumably because they'd seen it already). It was pretty shameful. I had some good clips in my bag, but to be honest, some other peoples' were much funnier than even my best clip. Next year I'll be prepared. My friend Jaime got to the semifinals with this gem.

I also went on a Sunday Drive upstate with Matt. We went to New Paltz which is the weirdest hippy town ever. We went to a coffee shop with one other patron and a guitar-playing fat girl who I believe was actually an employee. There was a lot of leftist propaganda around and it reeked of patchouli. I got a soy chai just for the joke of it. Weirdly, their fruit was outrageously expensive. $1 for a banana!! Fuck those hippies man.

Matt's parents have a house up there in Minnewasaka or something. It's really cute and antebellum. The ceilings are low because people used to be shorter before the Civil War. Here's their awesome stove/fireplace.

Happy Passover!! I made macaroons on Monday. It was my first time doing so and they got RAVES! I used this recipe. I'd recommend making them. It's super easy and then you have delicious 'roons.

Lastly I'd just like to implore everyone to stop whatever they're doing right now and GO SEE GRINDHOUSE.

It's fucking amazingreatotallyowzawesome. Here are some things it has:

Kurt Russell
Rosario Dawson (HOTTTTT)
Grrrrrl power
Cool cars
Cool car chases
Awesome special FX
Fake trailers for movies with names like Don't and Machete
Machine gun prostheses
And much much more!

I really can't say enough about how much I liked this movie (which is actually two movies for the price of one!). It made me want to kick and chase and kill and hit. FUCK I FEEL GOOD.