Saturday, June 23, 2007

Things I Hate

Unhelpful customer service representatives
People with obnoxiously loud laughs who don't try to reign it in
People who have terrible taste in things, but tell you that you have terrible taste in things
Most people who don't live in large-ish cities
People who think they're cooler than they are
People who are jerks
Some high percentage of straight males
Some high percentage of everyone who is not a straight male
Most sports fans ('most' excludes my brother and some other people)
People who talk about politics a lot (SORRY I JUST DON'T GIVE A FUCK!)
IBS (not the Cam'ron song)
Feeling guilty
The song 'Baby I Love Your Way' -- especially the Big Mountain version

I'll probably feel guilty for writing this really negative post and write a 'Things I Love' one in the next few days.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Math and Movies

Harry > Wills

Tasting Rachael Ray played at the First Annual Food Film Festival this weekend. It was fun to see it projected and hear strangers laugh at/with it.

The water taxi ride there was extremely short and overpriced ($4.50). We got on and I was like, 'Boat! Boat! Bo-oh we're there.' It was very pretty though.

I finally got to try a Motz burger, designed by the festival organizer George Motz. It was pretty good.

Gretchen loved her Motz Burger. And that girl knows burgers.

Later Sam and Zaq did some major damage to this car with their bodies and minds.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Saturday night, after attending a bevy of bad parties, I got in a Continental Car Service Towncar to go home. I noticed the driver was eating a McDonald's Sundae with a straw. I said, 'Dude are you eating a ice cream with a straw?' To which he replied, 'Yeah they forgot to give me a spoon!' I said, 'Oh shit, I could totally hit up the drive thru right now. Let's go and I'll get you a spoon too!' He said, 'OKAY!' As I munched on fries and Dr. Pepper, I wondered, 'Could this terrible night end on a higher note? The wind is blowing through my hair, I'm in beautiful Brooklyn and I'm j-j-j-jaaaming on Delicious.'

Then I got home to find the entire My So-Called Life box set in my mail box.

God exists.

Monday, June 11, 2007



Sunday, June 10, 2007

Making Vacation

This weekend in DC/MD I got to do a few fun things. For simplicity's sake, I'm going to make a list. On my weekend getaway, I...

1. Tried on SUPER high heels at Target.

2. Learned that there is such a thing as Lego FUN Snacks and over 20 different varieties of Pop Tarts~!!!!!!@!L#p21jioa

3. Got to eat Five Guys FINALLY (and at 11:30 am).

4. Saw this depressing swing set on sale for $151.19 at the most depressing K-Mart I've ever been to.

5. Saw Erin, the most funsexytyme person I know!!!

6. Saw a terrifying, scary thing that was also fun and funny!


The fun doesn't stop here though. Tomorrow I get to eat Milk Duds and maybe SHOOT A GUN!!!!!!

Stay tuned...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

bday2k7 part 2 (abridged) and some other junk

Last week on bday2k7, there was a Mexican fiesta and 3 kinds of cake. This week, bday2k7 continued as planned. The bar party at Bar went of hitchless: both without problems and without the intended screening of Hitch. Nada, the bartendress, was super accommodating and sweet. Almost everyone who was supposed to come showed up. It was extremely hot in Bar, but that just reminded people to have a funsexytime! I had such a funsexytime that I forgot to take pictures all night! Thanks everyone!

I also had my annual birthday meal at Mumbles with Lindsay and Maher. Mumbles is like the nicest restaurant in Des Moines. It's a sports bar and 'family style' restaurant. They give you a huge bread basket and there are weird expensive things on the menu that you'd never order. If you sign up for their mailing list (which I did about 4 years ago), you get a free entree with the purchase of an entree of equal or lesser value some time during the month of your birthday. The waitress was clearly new and didn't understand this policy (despite the fact that I handed her the email detailing the special deal), so she gave us the most expensive entree for free. IDIOTBITCH!!!

bday2k7 ended on the highest possible note with the simultaneous visits of Lucy Biederman and Juliette Claire Cohen. It was like a cosmic femmexplosion with a lil residual birthday hype on top. Lucy stayed with me because Sam's floor was full of clothes and change. We had the most fun time gossiping like little girls at a slumber party. Juliette stayed with someone she's better friends with than me. Which I am totally fine with. We had a big dinner at Hope and Anchor (my new favorite hangout (see bday2k7 part 1)). Here's Lucy looking at the menu looking back at her.

Later Sam and Juliette switched outerthings. Gooftroop!

Even later, Haley's bangs did a crazy flip!

Adam and Vanessa's Memorial Day BBQ was the cap on a great week and a half of birthday festivities. I made macaroons (people raved) and Gretchen made some awesome graham-y bars. Here she is multitasking with the bars and the card, not missing a beat in some dope knock-off Wayfarers:

It was extremely hot at the bbq, but the Pim's Cups were refreshing enough to take the edge off. Vanessa's home-ground burgers were fucking amazing and Adam's lemon bars were exactly perfectly tart and sweet. I can't wait for bbq v2.0 beta the next generation sequel.

I saw Animal Collective at South Street Seaport tonight. It was mega crowded, so I couldn't even find the people I was meant to meet there. Luckily, there was a wacky assortment of all different types of hipsters to look at and judge. The highlight was when someone spilled beer on a baby in a stroller. Also Sofia Coppola was there! She was with a bunch of girlfriends and seemed totally chill. She went to get the beer for all of them and didn't even try to get backstage. The music was good I guess. I'm excited for the new album? Whatever.